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about pt-boxen

PT-Boxen is a Fitness studio that has been created for personal trainers and group trainers.


With our flexible training model you will get access to the studio whenever you need it. The studio is bookable in advance for group training or for private 1-1 session.

Our vision here at PT-Boxen is to provide a training studio that is fully functioning, fully equipped and fully insured, that is available for you to use 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Giving you that independence and flexibility you need.​

PT-Boxen has been created for coaches by coaches. The studio is spacious with a relaxed atmosphere where you can focus on your client and your group. 

We know coaches need a place to plan and develop sessions. With this in mind we have built an office space in the studio that is for you to use to meet your clients to discuss and plan their progress, or even for you to find a quiet place to prepare and create your sessions.

PT-Boxen is now in collaboration with FLXBL. Contact us or Download the flxbl app to help start your fitness journey.

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